I was struck, this morning, as I finished the office, to read these words from Ignatius of Antioch to the Christians in Rome, “The delights of this world and all its kingdoms will not profit me.  I would prefer to die in Jesus Christ than to rule over all the earth.”  If I remember correctly, these words were written while he was on his journey to Rome, under arrest, on his way to his death.  And they were written during a time when the Church defined its faith by its martyrs.  But I’m still struck, as he continues, “I seek him who died for us, I desire him who rose for us.  I am in the throes of being born again.” (more…)

Our diocese is trying to do something new with what we used to call stewardship.  We’re trying to focus on what we have to be grateful for — all of which comes, of course, from G0d.

I have to admit that I have a real tendency to notice what I do not have, particularly if I used to have it, and often do not pay nearly so much attention to what I do have.  Which is a lot.  And I find this to be true whether I’m looking at money or youth or health or things.  I know I have a lot (a whole lot compared to the rest of the world as a whole).  And I still often notice more what I do not have.  I suspect there are some other people like me out there.  I think our culture trains us this way. (more…)