Well, there was news on a number of fronts from General Convention in my inbox this morning.  There was a Eucharist themed to domestic poverty.  There will be an effort, if it’s funded, to evangelize Latinos/Hispanics.  And the ordination of gays and lesbians has been approved by the House of Bishops.  Episcopal Life says: (more…)

Gene Robinson gave a prayer to kick off the inauguration events on Monday.  Most people did’t see it, hear it, or read about it.  If you would like to see the prayer, click here:  “Bishop Gene Robinson’s prayer few heard.”

You might be interested in Gene Robinson’s posting about his participation in the inaugural events.  If so you can click here http://canterburytalesfromthefringe.blogspot.com/2009/01/washington-tales-from-closer-to-center.html.

I had some very mixed feelings when I heard that Rick Warren had been invited to deliver the invocation at the inauguration.  I am appalled at the way we are split into “sides” that can’t seem to even talk civily to one another.  So reaching out to someone who disagrees with you on important issues makes a kind of sense, and is consistant with what Obama said during the campaign.  But I am also appalled that we would  take away certain fundamental human/civil rights from some of our citizens.  Prop 8 did that.  And Rick Warren was a prominant proponant.  I was very happy to read (at www.boston.com) the following about Gene Robinson being invited to give the invocation at the first inaugural event: