Barbara Harris, the first woman to become a bishop in the Anglican Communion, just celebrated 20 years of service as a bishop.  Jim Richardson comments on this in his blog, Fiat Lux, saying:

We came into the Episcopal Church because of Barbara Harris, though it was years before we met her and got to tell her our story. In 1989, as Lori and I were planning to get married, we talked about finding a church to be our faith home. I had grown up in the Episcopal Church, and Lori in the Catholic Church. I felt disillusioned by the Episcopal Church as a young adult because it seemed so rigid and out-of-touch, and Lori felt much the same way about the church of her youth. 

If you want to see more, click here.

My friend Jim Richardson links to a report by the Commonwealth and Voices of Virginia Children that predicts how the recession will hit the poor in Virginia and invites everyone to watch Oprah today where the ministry of Loaves and Fishes in Sacramento will be featured.  You can see both here.

Again, a selection from my friend Jim Richardson’s blog, Fiat Lux, where he quotes a poem from R M Rilke (who I like).  If you are interested, find it here.

My friend Jim Richardson linked to this post of an article by Matin Marty (found in Ekklesia) in his blog (fiat lux).  It is about the appropriateness of using Jesus in public prayers (like the inauguration).  I think it’s food for thought.  If you’re interested, you can see the article here:  “Inaugurating Jesus?

If you would like to see the prayers given at the inauguration by Pastors Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery, my friend Jim Richardson has them on his sight here: “Pastors Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery inauguration prayers.”