For those of you interested in the emerging church and Ian Mobsby comments here on his blog.

I have been facinated by what I’ve been hearing about “the emerging church.”  This seems to be where much of what is exciting in the life of the church is happening today.  Nadia Bolz-Weber of  The Sarcastic Lutheran has her own definition:

“So, what IS the ’emerging church’?”


If I had a dollar for every person who has asked me “So, what IS the emerging church?” we could meet our budget this year. Here’s my own definition, and it is just that – my definition.  Not the definition.  When I use the term “emerging church” here’s what I mean by that.  (I feel like I’m walking into a mine field, but here we go….)

Emerging Church:
Christian communities that emerge out of very particular cultural contexts where the traditional church is basically irrelevant.  These cultural contexts are more often than not urban, youngish and post-modern.
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