It’s now Saturday, roughly half way into the collegium.  It’s been a busy and good time.  Wonderful (and varied) worship daily beginning the night of our arrival (Wednesday).  Breakfast buffet at the hotel and a shuttle to the seminary about 8:15 AM.  Today the spouses/partners do an evaluation of their time here.  Clergy are free until worship at 10 AM, which will be followed by the arts festival (Anne’s participating, showing some stuff she does, and all of us are expected to be there). That’s why I have time to do this now.   Then we have free time until church Sunday morning (and moving from the hotel to rooms at the seminary). (more…)

I may be part time in my employment, but I am reasonably active in the life our our diocese.  Many of our congregations are small.  Historically, small congregations have been very persistent.  The smallest churches are families, and they survive difficulties that would swamp larger congregations.  That has been true.  And I’m pretty sure it will remain true.  What’s changing, at least in the Episcopal Church model, is how we’re going to have to do ministry.  We’ve been talking about this on a diocesan level. (more…)