Well, most of our plots are now assigned.  Last I heard it was 15 out of 24 plots, but that was at least a week ago, and there were names working through the system.  This week, we’re making contact with the Fair Oaks Community Garden, which has a 2 or 3 year waiting list for plots.  Enough of those folks live close by that I suspect we’ll be full by the end of the month.  Nothing has come of the contact with the scout troop, so far.  But we do have one plot for a senior facility (I understand we not only waived the annual “water” fee, but bought some plants and seed for them).  It’s great to see folks out working in their gardens most any time I happen by the church.

Another thing that’s happened is that money has been donated towards our expenses (upwards of $5,000 in startup expenses so far) in memory of Lukas Keye — the 20 year old son of 2 of our members, who died earlier this month.  Somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000 has been donated in his memory, I’m told.  We plan to put up some kind of a permanent memorial marker in his name.  And we might do that for others as time goes on.

Much remains to be done.  The rules have to be finalized.  Someday we may have storage for garden tools.  We’ll want more water outlets.  We hope to expand to about 74 plots in 2 more phases.  And I think we’d like to fence in the perimiter eventually.  I think someone said this would be at least another $25,000 to $30,000 in expenses down the road to get set up.  But we have time.  And we’re trying for some grants.  And things are well underway.  And I’m quite pleased with where we are now.

Well, our community garden at St. George’s opened the day before Easter.  That’s when we began assigning plots and gave the go ahead for folks to work them.  In this first phase, we have 24 (15 foot by 15 foot) plots.  If we get to all three phases, I believe we would have 74 plots.  That’s a long ways off.  Anyway, about 10 of the plots are being actively worked already.  About 20 people have asked to have plots (but not everyone has read the draft rules, signed their waivers and put down the $50 we are asking to help cover the cost of watering their gardens).  I’m pretty sure we’ll be full sometime in May.  If we’re not, there is a neighboring community garden with a three year waiting list. (more…)

On a personal level, I’ve been on vacation, recovering, since Easter.  One way or another, I suspect that’s what most clergy do.  Certainly in the Episcopal Church, Holy Week/Easter is our busiest time of the year.  We need time to lie fallow, and that’s what I’ve had.  I’m starting to feel like I might want to do something again.  I went down to our Community Garden today, which we officially opened and assigned plots for the day before Easter.  I watered the two half rows of corn my wife planted in her plot.  (It’s her plot.  I’m the designated water boy.  She picked the plot nearest my office to “encourage” this.)


We have struggled, at St. George’s, to find our nitch in the community.