I’ve been reading an article from “The Abbey Letter (Easter 2009)” from St. Gregory’s Abbey in Three Rivers Michigan.  It’s called “Seven Times A Day I Praise You” by Brother Martin.  He talks about various books you can use to say the Daily Office, including The Book of Common Prayer (from the Episcopal Church), A Monastic Breviary (from the Order of the Holy Cross), The St. Helena Breviary (from the Order of St. Helena), Celebrating Common Prayer (from the Anglican Franciscans in England, which is what I’m using for Morning Prayer these days), Common Worship:  Daily Prayer (from the Church of England), Take Our Moments and Our Days:  An Anabaptist Prayerbook (from the Mennonites) and Benedictine Daily Prayer:  A Short Breviary (an adaptation of the office as set down in the Rule of St. Benedict).  It’s a useful review of what you can find in each one of them, and there is information about ordering the books at the end of the article. (more…)