Reading Kaufman’s Kingbird Highway.  He’s talking about hitching from Arizona to Pennsylvania, and it brings back old memories.

I did a lot of driving, birding, in college, with Frosh.

But I did a lot of hitching (and some picking up) in college too.

I remember two pickups in particular. (more…)

I went to the Snow Goose Festival in Chico with Anne over this past weekend.  It was nice to get away with her (and to supply in Paradise on Sunday).  It was good to do a bit of birding.  And going to the festival brought to mind one of the “great” experiences of my life.  Which involved snow geese — I think.  I’ve talked about this experience before, but I don’t believe I’ve ever written it down. (more…)

The Chico Snow Goose Festival is not this weekend, but next week (Thursday through Sunday) and looks like quite an event.  To see what’s going on, click here:  Snow Goose Festival.

Jim Richardson posted this poem by Stephen Dunn (by way of his friend Karen).  We spent some time in the marsh this past summer near Brigantine, looking at the birds, and this brings back those memories for me: (more…)

Well, today is a rest day.  Likely the most restful day I’ll have this trip.  Got up around 8 AM. Read the paper (San Francisco Chronicle on my Kindle), showered, had breakfast and some coffee.  Listened to Jocelyn’s sermon from Yesterday at St. George’s.  It’s odd hearing the sermon at your church while you’re away.  Liked it (likely more than the one I heard).  She preached on Jesus calming the storm (using a story about taking some San Diego teens to help clean up after Katrina two years after the storm.  (If you want to hear it, her sermon of 7/21 is here.) (more…)