So, catching up on several personal bits:

First, it looks like my daughter Audrey’s Crohn’s Disease may be stabilizing.  She will have to live with it for all of her life.  And she’s started some heavy-duty treatment (that could have serious side effects).  But it’s not been 2 1/2 weeks since she’s had to go to the ER.  And it seems like she’s starting to have a life again.  I am very thankful.

Second, my recovery from gastric bypass surgery is proceeding.  Now that my passage out of my new stomach has been enlarged by scoping, and I’m being treated for ulceration found during the scoping, I seem to have finally stopped with the random throwing up that was happening.  I’m eating solid foods, including proteins.  And I feel like I’m back on track.

Third, I’m progressing with my use of Matins and Vespers from the Order of St. Helena Breviary.  It’s well on its way to developing as a routine.  My main problem seems to be missing the first Vespers for first class feasts (I forget to check out upcoming feasts until the morning of the feast).  I’m also waiting with anticipation for my copy of “Holy Men, Holy Women” (the new expansion of our calendar which replaces “Lesser Feasts and Fasts”) to arrive and find out who some of these new people are.

Well, my daughters are on my mind these days.

Audrey and her husband Glenn are moving to Georgia, where he has a new job (after a long search).  I am so very happy for them.  And I guess it means Anne and I will be seeing a new part of the country before too long — maybe as soon as February.

Thea has another birthday tomorrow.  She’ll be at church.  And then she and some friends will be over for lunch afterwards.  Should be fun.  I’m starting to get used to the fact that she doesn’t live here any more.

Their lives are going their own ways.  What happens in them is largely out of my control.  I was going to say as a parent.  But I’m not doing a lot of parenting these days.  They are adults, making their own decisions.  Often they are not the decisions I would make.  But that doesn’t mean my decisions would be right for them.  It’s a very different role.

Anne and I are now making decisions about our life together.  Certainly we talk to Audrey and Thea about our plans.  But most of our plans no longer have much to do with their plans.  We’re free agents in a way we haven’t been since Thea was conceived.  Part of me is nostalgic.  But on the whole, I think I like it!

Which is a good way to move into a new phase of our life.