So, a few nods to 9/11:

First, a sermon (video) by Dean Brian Baker of Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento that you can access here.

Next, a poem/prayer by Maya Angelou on Jim Richardson’s Fiat Lux which you can find here (as well as an earlier sermon, if you are interested, further down in the blog, by the Rev. Dr. Michael Suarez).

There is a sermon on the Sarcastic Lutheran site you can find here.

Finally, a prayer I wrote (but did not use) for the day:

A Prayer on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

O Lord our God, there is sin and evil in our lives.

Some of it comes from us.

Some of it comes from outside us.

All of it impacts our lives.

Grant us grace, in facing sin and evil, whatever its source, not to be overcome by it.

Grant us grace to move through it, however shocking and upsetting and damaging, and find a way to make the experience of facing it a vehicle to make your loving goodness known.

Grant us grace to see and acknowledge our own faults, and to change our course, and
to follow you.

Grant us strength, in your Spirit, to overcome the powers of evil that afflict us from outside.

We know that if we cooperate, you can help us bring good even out of evil.

This does not make it good.

But it reveals your goodness in our lives.

You sustain us.

You feed us.

You bless us.

Help us to be your blessing, even as we face disaster.  Amen.