September 2011

So, it’s after dark, and I’m celebrating (the eve of) St. Michael and All Angels.

And the most useful thing I’ve read today comes from an old sermon of Gregory the Great (in Atwell and Webber’s Celebrating the Saints).  He says:  “You should be aware that the word ‘angel’ denotes a function rather than a nature. (more…)

So, a few nods to 9/11:

First, a sermon (video) by Dean Brian Baker of Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento that you can access here.

Next, a poem/prayer by Maya Angelou on Jim Richardson’s Fiat Lux which you can find here (as well as an earlier sermon, if you are interested, further down in the blog, by the Rev. Dr. Michael Suarez).

There is a sermon on the Sarcastic Lutheran site you can find here.

Finally, a prayer I wrote (but did not use) for the day:

A Prayer on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 (more…)

So often I am finding clusters of thoughts, gathered to at least some extent around the seasons, in my readings from An Almanac for the Soul.  And I guess, if I weren’t, I wouldn’t waste my time by continuing to read from it on a (more or less) daily basis.  September 1, in theory, starts a new theme/week talking about this season as “boundary” time and the inevitability of loss in human life.

Karl Rahner is quoted:  “Every end becomes a beginning. (more…)