We have been blessed to have a week in a timeshare (The Sandpiper) in Lincoln City, Oregon these past three years. For me this is really an annual slice of heaven. I’m going to miss it next year. Anne’s school starts too early (or our week runs too late). It’s a nice place, by my standards. A bit shabby, but comfortable. We’re on a bluff above the beach, overlooking the ocean. With the sliding glass door on the balcony open (as it is now, and most of the time we’re home) I can hear the waves breaking and there is a gentle ocean breeze. I don’t think I can tell you how nice this is.

I think I could have a wonderful vacation of we never got out of the house!

Anne likes to do a bit more. So we’ve done a bit more. Less than she’d prefer. More than I would prefer. We’re both fairly happy.

We left home Thursday of last week, stopping at the Loleta Cheese Factory (where they had just run out of cheese curds!) and having lunch with our good friend Connie in Eureka. We stopped in Brookings (at the Wild River Inn) that night. And we had breakfast in the morning at a nearby place called the Tea Shop or the Tea Pot … The room was fine. The folks that run the place were personable. The food (they recommended the restaurant) was quite nice — I think we’d like to eat there again.

The coffee place on the way to Newport we used to stop at was no longer there. But it was a nice drive up the coast. It was also a long drive — so we were glad to get in. Anne picked up a bit of food that night, but otherwise we unloaded, unpacked, watched the ocean and listened to the waves.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Wildflower Grill (a three year tradition for us on our first morning in town). It’s a nice place, overlooking a bit of marshy water that always has some birds in it. There was (I believe) a mother mallard with some babies and I got a good look at a feeding great blue heron (and some crows).

On the way back, we did a mini shopping (my annual WoodWick candle — which we use while we’re here and finish back home) and some extra coffee. (We brought an AeroPress coffee maker and some decaffeinated Vaneli’s “classic cremosa” coffee with us. To which we added some local caffeinated Cafe Umbria “gusto creme” blend. All the coffee was good — though the AeroPress was more work and mess than I’d anticipated.) Otherwise it was a quiet day. We picked up literature for local activities (and tried to make arrangements to go kayaking later in the week — which did not pan out). We read. We did crossword puzzles together. Then Anne and I went out and heard the “Beth Willis Duo” — an acoustic duo that played requests as well as some of their own materials. They were pretty good, and we stayed until they finished.

Sunday started with church at St. James’ — which we could walk to if we needed to. That afternoon Cece and Tony and Annie and Carly visited. I had a walk on the beach. We had a little wine (Obscurity Cellers “Grandson of Oblivion” — a rather nice red blend from one of our favorite foothill wineries). After that, Anne and I went to hear an acoustic duo from Wyoming who are playing up and down the coast. The setting wasn’t as nice. They were not as good. We didn’t stay long (though they did tell us they’d recorded their cd at a house in Meeteetse, where we lived for three years).

Monday I went shopping. At my own request. And we bought some stuff (clothes) for me. All of it was discounted upwards of 50%. It was fine. I’m pretty much done.

Tuesday we started for the Cheese Factory in Tillamook. But we were running a little late. So we ended up with a mini lunch at the Pelican Pub and then rode horses for an hour on the beach. We were both ready to head home after that.

This morning we went to where we thought the kayaking was (we were first on the waiting list), but found no one there. So we headed back to the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we bought cheese curds (I love them) and Werner’s beef jerky (which is very good — I looked it up when we got home and it is available online for $3/pack less than we paid). We tried Debbie D’s Jerkey and Wine place on the way back. No, we didn’t try the wine (we left the Cheese Factory before 9 AM!). But she carries nice, lean jerky in traditional and round forms. (I heard her talk herself out of some business telling someone on the phone they could get a much better price for what they needed elsewhere. And she steered us towards the best price per unit option for what we wanted. She also is online and ships.) Then we stopped at the Blue Heron (more frenchified cheese and wine). We bought a lemon zest stilton while we were there. (They are also online and ship.)

After that, we drove the whole Three Cape Drive on the way back. Simply beautiful and lovely … I think we’re going to do a bit of geocaching before it gets dark (strictly nearby and local).

Tomorrow we have reservations for “afternoon tea” at SerendipiTea. I expect we’ll like it. Didn’t think I was up to the full “high tea.” But I’ll be thinking of our “high tea” with our family at the Empress Hotel on Vancouver Island while we’re there. Usually we have a dinner out at the Blackfish (a good, local restaurant). But this will not happen this year. Afterwards, aside from packing for the morning, I plan to read and relax.

I expect we’ll be packed and on our way to the Pig’n Pancake (another three year tradition) by about 8 AM (we need to be out by 11 AM, but it’s about an eleven hour drive home). Audrey, who is watching the house, may not be up by the time we arrive. But I’m looking forward to seeing my cat (who she says has been a real brat) when we get there.

That will give us Saturday to recover. Jonathon Pregill, a missionary we are supporting, was going to be there Sunday and give the sermon at both services. But he got called to Quito early and it’s back on me. Our former musician, Sunny Knable, is planning to give us a mini concert after the later service. Anne’s school year begins Monday. This trip will be a fond memory by then.

But it will continue as a fond memory, I”m sure, for years to come.