Well, on a personal health note, there is some news.

The first is simply I’m in day three of feeling like I finally have something like my normal energy.  Which means I’m doing more (and feeling energised rather than innervated by it) than I’ve done since my gastric bypass surgery.  It feels good, and I hope it continues.

On the gastric bypass front, my eating is still up and down, and I’m still spending (random, uncontrolled) hours throwing up (and not infrequently I’m not able to eat very much of a meal at all).  There is good news in this.  Starting with the fact that, among the many, often very serious complications I could be facing, this is really pretty minor (and, at this point, pretty much it).  The other (presumably) good news is that I’m going to be scoped (from my mouth into my intestine) tomorrow.  That’s because the suspicion is there is some kind of constriction, periodically blocking the flow of food through my system, that is what is causing me to do the throwing up.  It will probably be at leat a month before I know for sure.  But my hope is that as of tomorrow I will be through with the throwing up.  Which would make me very happy.  And which would give me more control over my life again (even if the lack of control may end up having been a spiritual blessing).

Monday I had a biopsy on my prostate.  Presumably all the bleeding associated with that may finish tomorrow (there is a lot so far).  The likely good news is that as he did the biopsy, my doctor told me he was almost sure I don’t have cancer.  I’ll know in a couple of weeks.  On the other hand, he said something about my prostate interfering with my bladder.  Which I don’t like so well.  I guess I’ll know in a couple of weeks if there will be something else that needs to be fixed or not.

But, although my blood sugars are not quite where I want them, they are still good enough I have not taken any of three medications for my diabetes for about the last month.  Nor have I taken any blood pressure medicine, or cholesterol medicine, nor either of two medications for my asthma.  My shoulders no longer hurt all the time.  I think that really only leaves me with my chronic gout medication and the sleep machine for my sleep apnea.

And this morning I’m down 70 pounds (dropped) since the day of my surgery (February 8).