Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Just a teaser from Dylan’s Grace Notes on theological education.  (If you want to see more after reading below, you can find it here.)  Here goes:

a radical solution re: theological education

I hear a lot of complaining about seminary education. But it’s worth noting that the complaints come mostly from a particular place. I also hear a lot of questions — from the same place — about what creative solution will solve the financial and other problems the church faces around theological education. I’ve got a radical solution, but I think it’s worth reflecting more generally for a bit first. (more…)

The Indigo Girls have a new album available for pre order here.   This is dated 5/17/10 on their home pages …   That’s always big news to me.

For those of you interested in the emerging church and Ian Mobsby comments here on his blog.

Found this on Brian Baker’s blog (he found it on You Tube).  It will NOT be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a powerful rant.  Click here to see it.  (I note that there is definite language in this video.)

Thanks to Susan’s note, I found this at St. Dunstan’s Priory, about Bede Griffiths, about whom I had not heard before, who they commemorate May 13 (my father’s birthday):

Bede Griffiths (17 December 1906 – 13 May 1993), born Alan Richard Griffiths and also known as Swami Dayananda (Bliss of Compassion), was a British-born Benedictine monk who lived in ashrams in South India. He was born at Walton-on-Thames, England and studied literature at Magdalen College, Oxford under professor and Christian apologist C. S. Lewis, who became a lifelong friend. Griffiths recounts the story of his conversion in 1931 to Roman Catholicism while a student at Oxford in his autobiography The Golden String. (more…)