Well, much as I want to say I’m fully recovered from the surgery, and simply looking at how life moves forward after gastric bypass surgery is accomplished, I keep getting reminders that I’m not there yet.  And, as my wife reminds me, I cannot really expect to be “over” the surgery and fully recovered and back to a new normal yet.  It’s been just over five weeks.  I haven’t had my second follow-up visit with my doctor yet.  I don’t know if my vitamins are in balance.  I’m not eating “normal” food yet — just “soft” food.

Having said that, I’d have to say things are going well.  A lot of stuff  has come up and is continuing to come up.  But I have not had any major problems.  I am back at work.  I am moving forward and onward.

The biggest problem I’m aware of at the moment is some off and on ongoing dizziness (light headedness, with a bit a nausea).  It effected me Sunday (I sat for much of the service).  It didn’t really effect me Monday (though it was not completely gone).  It pretty much shot Tuesday until the evening.  It was not bad yesterday …

This seems to be connected to low blood pressure, I think.  It doesn’t always happen when my blood pressure is low.  And my blood pressure is much lower these past days than it has (to my knowledge, which goes back to graduate school days) ever been.  I’m still on medication.  But only one medication again.  And I’m thinking this could be an indication that I may actually get off the second medication at some point.  So there is a good chance that this is good news.  We’ll have to see.

Likewise, my blood sugars are screwy.  Usually somewhere between 120 and 160 first thing in the morning.  Usually under 100 by mid day.  Usually in the 80’s (or lower) by evening.  Again, I’m off the second diabetes medication I was on briefly (and have not had to use the third at all since surgery).  And it’s been strange (and annoying).  But this may be a sign that I will get off the final diabetes medication at some point.  So it’s come in an unusual manner (both my surgeon and my family doctor have found all this a bit puzzling).  But I’m thinking this is likely to be good news, somewhere down the road.  Time will tell.

And I continue to need lots of extra sleep.  Often not when I want it.  And, although I’m getting new routines down, they are not yet where I will want them to be (and they will probably always require at least some extra time and effort).  And sometimes my food is hard to eat and sometimes my water is hard to drink.  So there are many reasons I feel off, at least at times, from day-to-day.  Life is taking more effort, and I’m finding it harder to get things done, significantly harder, since my surgery.  But, really, I’d have to say it’s all working out so far.  And on the whole, it’s actually working out better than I had (optimistically) imagined before the surgery.

I’m just not very patient.  I’ve known that for as long as I can remember.  It’s going to take the time it takes (which sounds a lot like God’s Kairos time).  I’m going to have to live with it.  And, on the whole, I’m expecting to like the results.  Even if I couldn’t have a beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!  (And I really wanted one.)  And even if time and energy for my other blogging is currently in short supply.