Well, I think I’m probably back from surgery.  I know my energy is going to be a bit low, at least off and on.  But I’m eating soft foods now, mostly without much problems.  It’s been a pretty busy week — much of it, but not all, work.  Our Vestry Retreat adds some time and effort.  Doing my taxes adds some time and effort.  And I’ve had three medical appointments (and blood work done) this week.  And I’ve been tired sometimes.  Like last night, when I just couldn’t sleep.  And I ended up finishing off the Prayer Service for tomorrow’s Vestry Retreat a bit after 3 AM.  I did need a nap this afternoon (and I really hope I can sleep tonight).  But I’m walking, I’m working, I’m eating and I’m playing.  And I’m not in pain.  There continue to be adjustments I have to learn to make.  And there continue to be minor issues to deal with.  But I think I’m back.

Biggest disappointment so far?  I’m still taking one and a half of my diabetes medications.  And my blood sugar is not as well controlled (ranging from about 150 before breakfast in the morning to about 80 before I go to bed — going slowly down all day).  But that’s better than it was (although not as good, at all, as it started out after the surgery).  Second biggest disappointment is the addition of a new blood pressure medication.  I’m still hoping, long-term, that both of these problems go away.

Biggest plus?  I was about 263 pounds the morning of my surgery (down from about 300 about a year before that).  Thirty two days after the surgery I weighed 229 pounds.  (These are first thing in the morning before shower weights.)  I know my scale can be off by a couple of pounds, up or down, on any given day.  But that’s about 34 pounds in thirty-two days.  And mostly I don’t feel like I’m going hungry.

So, all in all, I can’t complain.  I know I’m still in the healing and adjustment phase.  But I’m assuming I’m back in what is becoming my new “normal” routines for life.