So, I’ve had a pretty smooth recovery from my gastric bypass surgery so far.  I’ve started back to work.  I’m basically moving without discomfort.  I’m eating pureed foods.  I’m driving.  I’m walking

I’m still napping during the day.  And I’m still careful not to overextend or overdo things.  I know I’m still recovering, and I know that it wouldn’t take much to set me back a fair amount.

And, maybe, I’ve had a couple of complications.  Maybe not.  But this close to surgery, when something new happens in your health, you tend to suspect it’s connected.

The smaller thing is that, for about the last day and a half, I’ve had ongoing off and on cramping in my left forearm and hand.  Mind you, I’ve had hand cramps before.  And they tend to be worse.  But they also pretty quickly go away.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had cramps in my forearm before.  And they are hanging around.  (Last night, in fact, I seemed unable to shake the hand and forearm cramps for a couple of hours, not matter what I did.)  I’m going with the hope that I may have drunk too little water yesterday, or not taken enough calcium.  They’ve been getting better today.  But they are not gone.  If they are still here tomorrow, I’m going to call and see if my surgeon’s office has any suggestions for me.

The more serious complication, as far as I can tell, occured a week ago Saturday.  I went blind in one eye (which has never happened before) for perhaps 2 or 3 minutes.  My surgeon suspected a mini stroke (there’s a name for them when they occur in your eye, but I never really caught it).  I’m still waiting for some tests to come back.  But a couple of specialists both think it’s more likely this is a new (and not unknown) variation of vision problems connected with migraines (or cluster headaches).  I’ve had the headaches, with brightness vision problems, for years.  They always started in the middle of my vision, kind of like a flash set off in my face, and grew from there.  This time, it was more like a line of grey moving from the bottom right of my eye to the top left of my eye.  And this is the first time I haven’t had some kind of peripheral vision.  I couldn’t see a thing out of my left eye this time.  (I’m told this can happen in both eyes at the same time — which is a bit frightening.)  Anyway, I may never know for sure.  But the doctors don’t think I had a stroke.  And this is, so far, a big relief.

Meanwhile, my blood pressure was up a bit (but is down again with a new water pill).  And I’m now taking the full dose of one of the three diabetes medications I was taking a half dose of before.  But I seem to be running around the top edge of where they want my blood sugars to be — sometimes over, even so.  So far, at least, I’m not taking the other two diabetes medications at all.  So that’s progress.  But I had really hoped to be off all diabetes medications by about now.  And so far, that’s not happening.  It may well still happen over time.  So I guess I just need to be patient for now.

And, for what it’s worth, in 15 days, I seem to be down roughly 20 pounds.  Which is nice, and encouraging, even if quick weight loss wasn’t the main reason I did this.

And did I mention:  Anne is really pleased.