So, I’m home recovering from my gastric bypass surgery Monday.  So far I’m doing better than I imagined I’d be doing in a couple of weeks — as far as I can tell.  Mostly just trying not to overdo things.  I really expected to be in more pain (I hoped not) and to feel weaker and more tired.  Mostly I’m sore and puny.  And that’s pretty good at this point.

I had my first liquid food tonight (ginger carrot soup from Trader Joe’s and non fat yogurt).  It seems to be agreeing with me.  I’m back on some of my medications.  I tried some vitamins yesterday, but they didn’t much agree with me.  So, I’m going to wait a few days to get started with them.  (They tell me that’s ok.)

I walked a quarter mile yesterday (my first day home) and a half mile this morning (that’s twice around the block).  I shaved yesterday and showered today.  And I’m sitting in my chair with a pillow on my tummy (both because it keeps cat paws from direct contact with my wounds and because I can hold the pillow when I have to cough — which makes it hurt much less).

My last pain medication was before bed last night.  I’ll probably have some again before bed tonight.  But it tastes awful.  And I don’t really notice any change in pain level.  So I’m inclined to mostly avoid it unless it gets worse.  Meanwhile, I’m monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure (and heart rate) and my temperature (and recording the numbers for my doctor).  I’m sipping water pretty regularly.  I’m eating with tiny little “toy” utensils (which help me eat the right size bites).  I had my first (decaff) tea (with a half of a tablespoon of cream — 3.5 grams of fat in a teaspoon seemed to close to the 5 grams that can give me dumping syndrom) and my wife bought some non fat half and half I can use going forward (after I check the nutricianal information).

I’ve also used the Anglican Rosary and had a couple of naps.  Really a pretty full (and successful) day at this point in my recovery from my surgery.  I’ve seen some emails and newsletters related to church stuff I want to respond to.  But so far I’ve been good and let it go.  Maybe in another week or so it will be time to start picking up on my real work life.  But I won’t see the doctor until the 25th.  And I’m supposed to be off work until the doctor clears me.  So I guess I’m slightly behind on my self suggested timeline for getting back into things.

I am going to have to ask my wife to take me out to get her a Valentine’s Day card.  She’s been a real trooper, adjusting her life around my surgery and recovery.  And I’m pretty sure it’s starting to get wearing.  I am asking for things I don’t normally need to ask for.  And she is picking up pieces that are normally mine to take care of.  So I’m sure she’s looking forward to a return to normalcy.

I expect I may start blogging more generally again by sometime next week …