So I had my “family” visit today, meeting (along with my wife) with my surgeon in preparation for my gastric bypass surgery February 8th.  It was really a non event.  Final declaration of which surgery I’m having (I could have the lap band rather than the bypass, but it would probably not do as much for my diabetes).  Expect a call pre surgery from the hospital.  It’s helpful to bring a complete list of medications with me to the hospital.  Here’s a wipe to use the day of the surgery.  The most likely complication (leakage) is only a 1 to 2 % occurance (and can be dealt with).  I was weighed and my blood pressure were taken on the front end.  No more questions?  See you in February.

It is a step along the way.  But a friend talked to me a couple of days ago about her surgeries (multiple) and how it has worked for her.  I may have learned more then.  We also have a tentative plan to attend a more local support group together, at least once, after my surgery.  I know that follow up afterwards will be very important.

Really, the hard part was gathering information and making a decision.  Now that the decision has been made, and I really am not second guessing myself, I just want to get to the far side of the surgery.  I actually do need the time to get everything taken care of for afterwards.  But the sooner this happens now, the better …