Mary Layman from St. James in Lincoln wrote the following (to Deacon Cindy Long).  They have a relationship with a school in Haiti (and a number of people in the diocese — as Brother Adam noted, the largest in the Episcopal Church).  Here’s her update on what they know from their sources:

Thank you for you prayers and support.  We are all heart sick especially by the silence.

 We have very little news since the forwarded email from Pere Ajax sent on Wednesday.   The Bishop and his wife are well.   She suffered some injuries as their home collapsed.   We have not heard a word from Fr. Walin and I pray he was in Hinche at the time.    Our project/school is near Hinche in the high plateau and was not hit by the earthquake.  

I expect many refugees from Port-Au-Prince will be heading for the high country/Hinche to find food water and shelter.    St. Andres Church and School and rectory are in Hinche and Fr. Walin’s home base for his 13 missions.    He and his nurse wife will have their hands full.   

 FSIL school of nursing of which I am a former board member. (joint project with Presbyterian and Episcopal churches) is standing   Consstruction overseen by US architect.   Students are holding medical and treatment staging area in the yard.  In Leogane 15 miles from PaP.  

 Rev.. Bill Squires from Florida and former Episcopal Partnership coordinator in Haiti during 80’s ( a very special former military) will arrive in Haiti tonight.  He is a get the job done guy, has good relationship with Bishop and will do his best to get us information.  Please keep him in your prayers..

 Jerry Harner is blogging on  and updates from Presbyterian may appear on  

This is all I know now.    Will forward you email from Pere Ajax.  Re: church damage so far.

 We need to pray for Pere Fon Fon. from Carafour.   He was near epicenter and has not been heard from

 With a sad heart II continue to be inspired by the dignity and grace of the Haitian spirit and love of their Savior in Jesus.   As you know going ahead it will only get worse for them with  food and water and help is out of reach.. 

 In His Love and Service,