Well, Advent got off to the best start for me I’ve ever had.  And yet as I round the corner into the third week of Advent, I find myself humbled.  Many of the things I have started are no longer happening as I had envisioned them.  Between the extra histories and holy days in the book and some slippage of discipline on my part, I am no longer a week ahead in my reading of “God With Us.”  I am current.  And I only did the extra scripture readings associated with that book for roughly the first week (though most of them are familiar enough without rereading).  My exercising is no longer daily (though it continues).  I’ve done less with the Anglican Rosary than I had hoped.  And no, Susan, we have not really had any discussion together about our readings of “God With Us.”  I knew that first week was a gift.  But still, I had expected more (of myself).

It’s not that I haven’t been receiving, mind you.  I’ve had plenty of food for thought (whether it’s reading Scott Cairns talking about the idea of turning into our sins rather than turning away from them, or noticing the feast of the conception of the Virgin Mary for the very first time).  I’ve had things to share, and they have enriched my preaching.  And I still have a sharper sense of Advent, this year, than I expect I will again.  I even have a Benedictine Weekend Experience to look forward to this Friday through Sunday!

So, really not unexpectedly, life and work have caught up with me.  But not completely.  For which I still give thanks.  I still have some sense of walking with the sacred in my daily experience of Advent, beyond what I have experienced in the past, and which I expect I will be able to maintain, and even grow as the season continues.  I’m still experiencing the season in a new way.  It’s vitalizing.  And I’m grateful.  Thank you Jesus for coming into my life this Advent as you have.  Thank you for the gift of your sustaining presence.  Help me be present for you, as you are for me.