Well, I feel like I’m in Advent already!

Yes, I know, it’s still Thanksgiving Day, and Advent doesn’t come until this Sunday.  But at our service this morning, after talking a little about Jamestown and the first Thanksgiving Day, I shared a little reflection by Sam Portaro (again from Bightest and Best)  where he links Thanksgiving Day and Advent.  He begins with today’s gospel and the image of the lilies of the field.  And he links those to Mary and her pregancy which is a major piece of what we remember in Advent.

It also probably has to do with reading God With Us (Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas) which I’m working through as an Advent discipline this year.  Only I’m cheating.  I started a week ahead, so that I might be able to use the material in a timely manner.

And it probably also has to do with Anne being away.  Usually we go down south and celebrate Thanksgiving Day with about 20 family (and friends).  And it’s hectic.  Food preparation and cleanup, shopping, family time, perhaps 14 hours in the car …

This year, since Fr. Zea’s death, I had the Thursday service here.  My daughter, Thea, had this time off (and no time after Christmas). So she wanted to make the trip (whether we went or not).  When Glenn’s father died suddenly, Anne went to Wichita, to help Glenn and Audrey take care of his stuff and prepare to move.  (Glenn’s new job in Georgia starts Monday.)  And as long as she was gone, it didn’t cost any more for her to return by way of Los Angeles (ok, Tujunga) and ride back with Thea after seeing the family.  So that’s what she’s doing.

The net result is that I’m home alone for Thanksgiving Day.  (And I’m enjoying it.  I did have generous offers of dinner with others.)  And I have time to sit and reflect.  Which is good.  Since I have a decision I need to make in the next week or so (that I will not go into at this time).  Plus we have a new elyptical machine, which I have managed to use three days running (trying to set a new pattern of exercise in my life).

All of this makes it feel like Advent.  It’s a time of waiting and watching and preparing.  I’ve even pulled out a book on the Anglican Rosary I got at Convention (A Circle of Prayer:  The Anglican Rosary for All of God’s People) and Lynn C. Bauman’s book on the Rosary (The Anglican Rosary) and seeing if I can’t begin to do a little more with that practice.

It’s like I’m having a personal mini retreat (complete with interuptions to watch the NBA and the NFL).  It feels quiet.  It feels relaxed.  And that feels quite nice right about now.