Ian Mosby showed the way to this link from Heather Cracknell on Driftwood:

what we believe doesn’t change us

Yesterday I was discussing life and the universe with some friends and one of them jokingly said “I’d hoped I’d be a nicer person by now!” and I retorted “I’d hoped I’d be skinnier by now!”

We know that I’m not going to get skinnier or fitter until I eat less and exercise more, regardless of what I’m hoping. Yet somehow we don’t seem to apply the same logic to our spiritual health and fitness – we assume that holding a set of beliefs and mentally assenting to some propositions is going to change us. We’re changed by doing stuff – spiritual disciplines and practices, like meditation, may not sound attractive to us (in the same way that the idea of a circuit training session fills me with utter dread) but it is the reality of how change happens.

Now its just doing it…!