October 2009

Jim Richardson posted this poem by Stephen Dunn (by way of his friend Karen).  We spent some time in the marsh this past summer near Brigantine, looking at the birds, and this brings back those memories for me: (more…)

My wife Anne found a lovely Advent prayers of the people from New Song Episcopal Church in Coralville Iowa.  I know it’s probably early for this (though we are beginning our plans for Advent now), but if you are interested, you can find it here.

I have to admit, I’ve never been all that interested in William Tyndale. (more…)

Well, the daily office always gives me things to ponder in my life.  Yesterday, we heard about king Manasseh of Israel in the 21st chapter of II Kings.  He ruled from age 12 (I believe the year before he would have reached his majority – but maybe that’s a later tradition).  I wonder if his mother, or others, set the tone for his rule.  In any case, he ruled until he was 67 – quite a respectable age in those days. (more…)

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