September 2009

I need to begin, I think, by offering prayers for all who died on this day, and for all those who’s lives were disrupted (and who’s lives may never return to “normal”) in the aftermath of this day.  What happened was awful.  And what happened was intentional — as is so much evil which happens every day around the world.  It captured our imaginations as a country (and maybe even holds us hostage, to our detriment) in a way that Oklahoma City never really did — awful as that was.  I guess maybe because it happened at such a prominent landmark in New York City and because it was done by foreigners — we didn’t do it to ourselves.  It was done to us. (more…)

In the interest of showing my hand, you should probably know that I am an opponent of the death penalty, and I found the link to this article in an email from Death Penalty Focus (a group opposed to the death penalty).  The article, “Trial by Fire,” is by David Grann, dated September 7 of this year, and is found in the New Yorker.  It’s admittedly a very long article, so many of you may not want to view it.  It details the circumstances of the lives involved, and the questions raised about all the evidence:  witness testimony that changed after what was first thought to be an accidental fire killing a man’s children was ruled murder by an arson investigator, the testamony of a jailhouse snitch, and an arson investigator who seems not to have been very scientific in his investigation.  As a quick sample, part of the writeup around the arson investigator’s conclusions follows: (more…)

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