The following was a quick write on what I saw looking at a photo of a hummingbird:

As I look at this hummingbird, frozen in time and space, I cannot help thinking of a young adult novel I read this week:  “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.”

I know, in real time, that this hummer is a blur of wings and energy, body frozen only briefly in space as the flower is sipped and on we go.  And in the book, Nick, a young man on his first wild and crazy date with a young woman, looks a Norah, who he now knows he will see again, and understands this moment with her as a single song, a phrase of music only, in what he knows now can be their infinite play list.

There is a beauty and a wonder in the musical phrase, the song, frozen wings captive now forever out of time that we can see and appreciate and love.  But it is just a slice, a peek, at something infinite and ongoing.