Dean Baker had a somewhat different take on convention.  In his blog, he said:

I just arrived home.  General Convention was absolutely exhausting, and exhilarating.   If you haven’t heard, this morning we passed the resolution that will open the door for same-sex blessings/marriages.  A few days ago we passed the resolution that will allow us to ordain gay or lesbian bishops.  Both of these resolutions passed by huge majorities.

It is clear that a new era has come to the Episcopal Church.  We have stopped holding ourselves hostage to the concerns of others in the Anglican Communion.  Yes we care about our sisters and brothers in other provinces of the Anglican Communion.   But we aren’t going to try to hold the Communion together by discriminating against gays and lesbians.  Not anymore.  Not ever again. 

And we aren’t going to put a bushel-basket over the particular light we have in The Episcopal Church.  Because we care about our siblings in the Anglican Communion, we will share with them the gospel of Christ that we have found.  That gospel necessarily includes the full inclusion of those who are gay or lesbian.  We now know that our church would be terribly diminished if we didn’t have the witness of the brave and holy gay and lesbian Christians.  Why handicap Christ’s body?