Well, there was news on a number of fronts from General Convention in my inbox this morning.  There was a Eucharist themed to domestic poverty.  There will be an effort, if it’s funded, to evangelize Latinos/Hispanics.  And the ordination of gays and lesbians has been approved by the House of Bishops.  Episcopal Life says:

After more than two hours of discussion and with a standing-room-only crowd watching, the House of Bishops on July 13 adopted an amended version of Resolution D025, which opens “any ordained ministry” to gay and lesbian people. Bishops voted 99-45, with two abstentions, for the revised resolution, which goes to the House of Deputies world mission legislative committee. The committee must make a recommendation to the full house about whether to concur in the amended resolution, amend it further, or defeat it …

This resolution was generally considered a response to a resolution passed at the last General Convention, three years ago, calling for a moritoria and restraint on this issue and the issue of blessing same sex unions.  Some bishops, both among those who voted for the new resolution and among those who voted against it, suggested that though this will be seen as a rejection of the earlier resolution, it was likely to be a more nuanced response.  In other words, just what this means will only really be known as the resolution is lived out.

Episcopal Life says:

Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, at the heart of the issue because he is in a long-term relationship with a male partner, urged his fellow bishops to support the measure, saying once again that “it’s time for us to stand up and be the church God is calling us to be.”