Well, the rush is on.  I leave Friday for vacation and then the Summer Collegium in Alexandria.  It’s an exciting time for us.  And a rushed time.  I finished a draft of a case study I need to send tomorrow (along with some other papers).  I’ve been working on the required congregational study (and the readings).  And I’m not at all sure I have even an idea for the followup in the year after the Collegium.  All in all, I think I’ll be prepared enough and Anne and I are both really looking forward to this time together.

I am sad that we will miss Fr. Zea’s memorial service.  But that’s what fit our bishop’s schedule, so that’s how things go.

I’m kind of excited for the congregation.  They’ll have Jocelyn Hughes and George Foxworth covering services while I’m gone.  That should be fun for them.

Meanwhile, my daughter Audrey will be home (taking care of the cats and visiting friends) while we’re away.

Things seem to be working out.