Dean Baker has been highlighting how states and the District of Columbia have been moving to accept gay marriage.  One article I found particularly interesting is about New York, and how some Republicans have been moved to support gay marriage.  If you want to see this, you can go here.  I heard second hand, yesterday, about how Sara Palin greeted a friend she grew up with in her home town.  She was introduced to his partner.  And she said something to the effect of “you seem to make him happy — congratulations.”  No, I don’t think she’s likely to support gay marriage.  But more and more people have a face for gay marriage.  And people tend to be supportive of those they care for, at least on a personal level.  I know.  Not always.  And it sure takes a long time sometimes.  But I continue to see movement towards justice and inclusion and love.  It gives me real hope.