Had a chance to see the Indigo Girls in Concert at the Crest last night with my daughter.  It was great!  This is the second time we’ve had a chance to see them live.  We’ve been following them since she was about 10 when we heard the staff at our diocesan camp playing their music and liked it.  Good music.  Great words.  Very likeable presence.

Some of their music is about being lesbian.  You can hear the pain in some of what they sing, as well as the pride.  There is a real spirituality in their music.  Some of it seems specifically Christian.  But there is also a real openness to a viriety of paths.  The place was really rockin when they sang “Closer to Fine” as their closing (before oncores) number — which is very clear about not looking for a single, definitive path.  There is a real sense of inclusiveness in what they sing.

I guess their music might not be for everyone.  But they touch on the human experience with honesty and openness and humility.  They have added joy to my life.  They’ve made me think.  I would certainly recommend their music for a listen.  You can find their home page here.