On a personal level, I’ve been on vacation, recovering, since Easter.  One way or another, I suspect that’s what most clergy do.  Certainly in the Episcopal Church, Holy Week/Easter is our busiest time of the year.  We need time to lie fallow, and that’s what I’ve had.  I’m starting to feel like I might want to do something again.  I went down to our Community Garden today, which we officially opened and assigned plots for the day before Easter.  I watered the two half rows of corn my wife planted in her plot.  (It’s her plot.  I’m the designated water boy.  She picked the plot nearest my office to “encourage” this.)

Anne will plant more corn later (she wants it to come up and ripen at different times).  And she will plant peas to grow up the corn.  She will also plant squash and perhaps tomatoes (and even other things beyond that).  At least three of the plots have been worked on so far, and I’m sure more will follow this weekend.  It’s kind of exciting to see new life (some small plants have been planted, as well as seeds) coming up from the ground.  I’m feeling a bit like that myself.  And I suspect that’s how the disciples felt.

Jesus’ death had to have just devastated them.  I think it would have felt like the end of their world.  From what I gather in Luke/Acts, they needed time to be together in prayer and recover, before the Holy Spirit came and drove them out into the world again in Jesus’ Name.  Time to grow and expand and reach out.  Exciting times.  I hope that’s where life is headed for all of us in this season after Easter.